Seasonal tire changes and road safety, why is it important

Seasonal tire changes and road safety, why is it important

The importance of seasonal tire rotation on the roads often takes a backseat in discussions about road safety. Although there are no strict rules requiring the switch to winter tires, drivers should understand that driving on summer tires in winter can pose a serious threat to both their own safety and the safety of other road users.

Why summer tires in winter are a risk

The most important thing to understand is that summer tires are designed for use in warm temperatures when the asphalt is hot and the road is dry. When the temperature drops below +7°C, summer tires begin to lose their performance and become less efficient. They become stiff, and this negatively affects the road grip and handling of the car. This makes the vehicle more susceptible to skidding and loss of traction, which can lead to accidents.

Fine for late tire replacement

Although the Road Traffic Regulations do not set strict rules regarding seasonal tire changes, drivers should be careful to avoid fines and improve road safety. There are situations where you can be fined for using your tires incorrectly. This includes having different wheel designs or sizes on the same axle, a combination of non-studded and studded wheels on different axles, using tires that are not suitable for the vehicle's load, having damaged tires, or not having sufficient tread depth to meet specifications.

Striving for strict laws

In order to improve road safety and reduce accidents, some countries have already implemented strict laws regulating the use of tires depending on the season. For example, in Ukraine, bill No. 8369 is currently being considered, which proposes tightening the rules and introducing fines for using summer tires in winter. According to the proposal, from November 1 to March 31, the use of summer or all-season tires on vehicles under 3.5 tons will be completely prohibited. For larger vehicles the requirements will be even stricter - only winter tires.

Why is this important

Turning to the statistics, you can see that most Road accidents in Ukraine occur in late autumn and early winter is a time when not all drivers change their cars. Correcting this situation will help improve road safety during the most dangerous period of the year. Seasonal tire changes are not just a legal requirement, it is a matter of concern for your own safety and the safety of other road users.

To summarize

Choosing the right seasonal tires is an important part of responsible driving. You should not ignore the seasonal change of tires, even if the laws in Ukraine do not impose its obligatory nature. After all, road safety depends not only on you, but also on your ability to maintain good traction and control of your car at different times of the year. This is not only a way to save lives, but also to avoid fines and inconvenience on the road.

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