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The best deal when selling a car

The Shelby company offers a car redemption service in the Podolsk region. We have been specializing in car repurchase since 2004 and have extensive experience in this area. Our company is ready to offer a competitive price for your car.

We value the time and nerves of our clients, therefore we provide a fast and reliable car redemption service. We work 24/7 and are ready to buy your car at any time convenient for you. Assessment and payment are made immediately upon meeting, which allows you to get money for your car in a short time.

We honestly and adequately evaluate each car and offer a realistic price for it. You can be sure that if you use the car purchase service from the Shelby company, you will be satisfied. If you need to sell a car in Kyiv, our company is also ready to offer you its services.

Don’t waste time checking your car at a service station, contact us and get a profitable offer to buy your car in the Podolsk region or in Kyiv. We guarantee a comfortable and professional approach to each client.

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We help car enthusiasts sell cars of various brands and models quickly, at high cost and without risk.

We provide the most profitable car purchase for clients in Kyiv, and the opportunity to receive the entire cost of the vehicle in a suitable currency in the shortest possible time.

The specialists on our staff will save you from any hassle associated with the preparation of documents during the transaction. We will help you save time and effort, and at the same time you will be able to sell your car profitably in Kyiv.


The fastest and most reliable car purchase

Car purchase in Kyiv is a popular way to quickly sell a car. If you live in the Podolsk region of Kyiv, then we offer car purchase services with favorable conditions for you.

Our company specializes in buying cars in Kyiv and is ready to offer you the most favorable conditions. We work with various brands and models of cars, regardless of their condition and year of manufacture.

One of the main advantages of working with us is the simplicity and convenience of the sales process. First, you need to contact our company and describe the main characteristics of your car. After this, we will assess its condition and features, taking into account all factors.

Our company’s specialists have extensive experience in the field of auto redemption, so we can guarantee an objective and fair assessment of your car. We take into account all its features, as well as market conditions, in order to offer you the best possible price.

Once a price agreement has been reached, we will arrange a meeting with you to complete the paperwork and hand over the funds. We offer transparent and secure transaction conditions so that you can rest assured that your interests are safe.

If you live in the Podolsk district of Kyiv and want to sell your car quickly and profitably, contact us. We offer a high level of professionalism, maximum benefits for you and guarantee the confidentiality of all information.

Do not waste time searching for a buyer, long negotiations and bargaining. Contact us and sell your car in the Podolsk district of Kyiv with maximum profit. Buying cars in Kyiv with our company is simple, convenient and safe.


Find out the value of your car

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  • Fast car sale - we provide quick and effective solutions to all issues related to the sale of a car.
  • High price – we guarantee a high price for your car that you will not find anywhere else.
  • Safety – we care about your safety and guarantee a safe transaction.
  • Convenient process – we provide a simple and convenient process for selling a car, without the need to search for a buyer or waste time on additional procedures.
  • Experience and competence – we have many years of experience in the field of auto redemption and a team of qualified specialists who guarantee the high quality of our services.
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Stages of cooperation with us

We know how to value the time of clients who decide to sell a car to our company.
Car purchases are carried out according to a clearly developed algorithm by highly qualified specialists.
The entire process of buying a car consists of the foll


A client who has decided to take advantage of our company’s offer contacts the operators by phone numbers available on the website, or leaves a request, indicating a number of data in a special form


If the owner wishes, our specialists can determine the approximate cost of his car if they are provided with all the required information


A client who has ordered an urgent purchase of a car comes to our service center to evaluate the car within the agreed time frame or indicates where his car is located and the appropriate time for our specialists to arrive


The vehicle's documents are checked to determine if there are any possible problems in the form of unpaid fines, debts, etc.


The final cost of the vehicle is established and agreed upon with the client


The transaction is completed and the full cost of the car is paid


Car purchase in Kyiv is becoming an increasingly popular way to sell a car among car enthusiasts. This difficult decision can help solve urgent financial problems or find the missing amount to purchase a new vehicle or home. In such situations, the Shelby company is ready to offer favorable terms for car redemption in Kyiv.

The need to sell a car can arise at the most unexpected moments. There are times when you need to quickly pay off debts or solve other financial problems. In such situations, turning to car repurchase Kyiv becomes the optimal solution, convenient and profitable.

The Shelby company offers its clients urgent purchase of cars in Kyiv under a simplified scheme. In just a few hours, you can receive payment for your vehicle and eliminate the need to waste time visiting car dealerships, posting ads and negotiating with potential buyers.

In order to use car redemption services in Kyiv, just contact our specialists. You can call us, describe your car and send a photo. We will immediately provide you with an approximate amount that we are willing to pay for your car. Our professional appraiser will determine a more accurate cost after inspecting the car.

The Shelby company is ready to buy cars in any condition, including cars that have been in an accident or require repairs. We value your time and comfort, so we fill out all purchase and sale documents immediately, freeing you from unnecessary hassle.

The Shelby company is a reliable partner with extensive experience in the field of auto redemption. We evaluate each car at its real value and offer the most favorable conditions for the client. Our priority is customer satisfaction and a transparent transaction.

If you decide to sell your car quickly and profitably, contact Shelby. We guarantee a high level of service, speed of transaction processing and honesty in our treatment of each client. Auto buyback in Kyiv is a simple and profitable way to sell your car with Shelby.


Find out the value of your car

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What kind of buyouts do we specialize in

We highly value every client who contacts our company and try to meet their expectations. To cope with this task, we buy cars of different makes and models in any condition. This allows every vehicle owner to sell their car quickly and profitably.

Buying a used car

Buying a used car

It doesn’t matter to us how many kilometers are recorded on the odometer of your car. We are ready to purchase it at market value regardless of its condition

Redemption of cars taken on credit

Redemption of cars taken on credit

Finding a buyer for a loan car on your own is very difficult. Referring to the need to resolve financial issues, potential buyers will try to reduce the asking price to a minimum. We quickly and profitably purchase cars for which the loan has not yet been repaid

Urgent purchase of cars that have been involved in an accident

Urgent purchase of cars that have been involved in an accident

We purchase expensive vehicles that have been involved in a traffic accident, regardless of the level of their damage

Buying problem cars

Buying problem cars

Cars with damaged VIN numbers or lost documents are almost impossible to sell on the car market. Restoring a vehicle's registration certificate may require a lot of time and patience. It is much more convenient to sell a car to us, saving yourself the hassle and risks

Car disassembly

Car disassembly

We buy cars, the restoration or repair of which requires unreasonably high costs. Owners of such vehicles will be able to receive money for parts and assemblies that are in good condition

Redemption of uncleared cars

Redemption of uncleared cars

We offer purchase services for uncleared cars imported from Europe. Thanks to cooperation with us, you can sell your car quickly and on favorable terms.


We understand that competition in the Ukrainian motor transport market is quite high, therefore we offer clients the most favorable terms of cooperation. Our company’s staff includes highly qualified specialists who are ready to competently and promptly resolve issues of a technical, legal and financial nature. Thanks to this, many owners who have chosen our offer have already highly appreciated the benefits of working with us.


Buying a car at any time

We work seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This allows you to get money for your car at any time, which makes it possible to quickly resolve urgent financial issues


High prices

Our specialists constantly monitor prices on the Ukrainian car market, so clients are guaranteed a high current payment for their car


Transparent and profitable cooperation

We guarantee an absolutely transparent transaction, and owners always understand what determines the price of the vehicle set by our specialists


Urgent car redemption

We have a modern technical base, which significantly speeds up the machine assessment process. The presence of tow trucks, whose services are provided free of charge, allows us to urgently buy cars that are not in working order and transport them to our service centers from any district of Kyiv and the region


No problems or risks

The lawyers of our company independently handle the execution of the transaction and flow of documentation. This frees car owners who contact us from having to waste time visiting various authorities or understanding the intricacies of online services.



Clients who decide to sell their car to us quickly receive the full cost of the vehicle. We are ready to make payments in cash or by transfer to a bank card. Money is provided in the currency chosen by the car owner


If a client is interested in urgent car purchase in Kyiv, he will only need Contact us with the following documents ready:

  • technical passport of the machine;
  • registration certificate (if the car is registered);
  • general power of attorney (if you do not own the car);
  • vehicle owner’s passport
By contacting us, you will appreciate the mutually beneficial terms of cooperation offered by our company. You can quickly sell your car in Kyiv at a high price, saving yourself from wasting precious time looking for a good buyer and other hassle