Unreasonable fines for non-customs clearance, a huge fine in Ukraine

Unreasonable fines for non-customs clearance, a huge fine in Ukraine

In Ukraine, they recently began to fine car owners in the amount of up to 170,000 hryvnia, whose cars were not registered or customs cleared in accordance with established rules.

However, a problem arose when some people received fines even though they did not have a car at all. It turned out that some dishonest car drivers use various schemes to circumvent the rules related to registration and customs clearance of cars to their clients.

One of these schemes is that the driver offers a person to take him to the border, after which, by deception, he takes his passport and registers him as the owner of the car. Another scheme involves a specially organized trip to the border, where a person is convinced that the registration of "Euro plaques" ; will not entail any consequences. Then such random "owners" cars receive huge fines from customs authorities.

Lawyers point out that, according to Part 1 of Article 460 of the Customs Code of Ukraine, the car owner should not be held liable for such actions if they were committed without his consent and as a result of illegal actions of third parties. However, in order to avoid an unlawful fine, it is necessary to document these circumstances. In such cases, it is recommended to contact the police and report the fraud committed against you. The application must be accompanied by a copy and evidence, and sent to the customs authorities.

Although punishment of car owners who do not take the car customs clearance rules seriously enough is necessary, It is important to be vigilant to avoid an improper fine if you have been involved in acts that were committed without your consent and as a result of fraud. Contacting the police and providing relevant evidence will help establish your innocence and maintain legality in the car customs clearance system.

Therefore, owners of non-customs cleared cars in Ukraine will quite possibly encounter such problems related to the payment of fines or other additional expenses. In such cases, selling the car to a company engaged in buying back cars that have not been cleared through customs may be the best solution.

We, Shelby company, specialize in the purchase of cars not cleared through customs in Ukraine. We understand the difficulties that owners of such cars face and strive to offer them favorable sales conditions.

The owner of uncleared car can contact us and complete a transaction for car buyback. Our team of professionals will organize a quick assessment and execution of the transaction. We provide the client with the opportunity to receive instant payment for his car without having to pay fines and additional costs.

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  • Instant payment for a car. After assessing and agreeing on the terms of the transaction, we offer the client instant payment for the car.
  • Avoidance of fines and additional costs. The company Shelby assumes all risks and is responsible for paying fines and additional costs associated with uncleared cars.
  • Professional approach and fair terms of the transaction. We value customer trust and guarantee transparent and favorable sales conditions.

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