Cars that rust the fastest

Cars that rust the fastest

It is known that some cars begin to rust after just a few years of use, despite long-term guarantees for the anti-corrosion resistance of the body provided by automakers. This leads to the need for expensive body and paint repairs. Knowing about such problems, you should be especially careful when choosing a car. Let's look at the 12 worst cars in this regard.

Mazda 6

The first generation Mazda 6 (2003-2008) faced the problem of corrosion of the rear wheel arches, door edges, trunk lid and hood. Unfortunately, this problem was not completely resolved in the next generation Mazda 6 2007-2012. Although the level of rot was lower in this model, some areas such as the rear wheel arches, door edges and trunk lid were still affected by rust. In addition, the station wagon experienced corrosion around the fastening of the roof rails, which was a consequence of errors at the production stage.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Cars Mercedes-Benz, produced between 1995 and 2005, suffered from rust, especially the A-Class W168, C-Class W202 and E-Class W210. This period is considered the most problematic for cars with a star logo on the hood. Already 3-4 years after purchase, the cars began to corrode. Over time, rusting problems have decreased markedly, but some models are still susceptible to this problem. For example, in the W203 C-Class, produced from 2000 to 2007, rust can be observed on the edges of the doors, in the trunk area, on the sills and on the edges of the wings.

Nissan Navara

Among cars Nissan the Navara D40 model is most prone to corrosion. This especially applies to vehicles produced from 2005 to 2007 at the Spanish plant. The main areas affected by rust are the frame, suspension and drive system components, as well as the exhaust system. In addition, corrosion may appear above the windshield, where the roof rails are attached, as well as on the floor of the car.

Hyundai i20

When choosing Hyundai of the first generation of this model, consider a number of features. You should be especially careful with pre-restyling copies of this car, released in 2012, as they are quickly susceptible to corrosion in the area of the door handles and trunk lid. These problems are caused by technological defects. The quality of the shape and fastening of the handles is unsatisfactory, which leads to their rubbing against the door panel. In addition, the trunk lid is not sufficiently protected against corrosion. It should also be noted that the varnish used on machines of this model is soft and prone to scratches.

Ford S-Max

After the Escort, Focus I, and Mondeo I and II models were susceptible to rust, Ford took steps to create more durable cars. But the S-Max model, unfortunately, was not without this problem. Rust often appears on the hood and roof of the S-Max, especially on copies after the 2011 restyling. It can also appear under the door seal strips and sometimes in the chassis of the car.

Opel Corsa D

Cars Opel produced in 2012 have problems with hood rust. There have also been reports of corrosion around the roof bars and trunk lid.

Mitsubishi L200

The 2006-2015 model has efficient all-wheel drive, but is also known to be an expensive car to maintain and repair. Corrosion in Mitsubishi affects the body and chassis, including the frame, suspension elements, transmissions and sills.

Volkswagen Passat B6

Corrosion problems affected copies Volkswagen Passat B6, produced between 2006 and 2010. Water accumulated under the plastic trim in the wheel arches, causing corrosion. Rust may also appear on the trunk lid, at the license plate light and at the bottom of the door.

Dacia Logan

Corrosion, an inevitable problem for first generation Dacia Logan cars (2004-2013), can occur in a variety of places, but most often it begins to appear around the fuel neck and the groove under the seals. Corrosion can also be found almost anywhere on a vehicle. Cases of severe corrosion of the mounting points of the rear shock absorbers are especially dangerous, since this can negatively affect the safety of the driver and passengers.

Kia Cee’d

The first generation of the model Kia Cee'd (2006-2012) suffers from paint problems and corrosionee. Rust quickly appears on the tailgates and where the sheet metal meets the door seals. Also, the anti-corrosion protection of the chassis leaves much to be desired.

Honda Civic VIII

In cars Honda Civic VIII in the early years of production, corrosion especially affects the roof near the windshield because it is too rigid paint eraser pads. The problem was fixed during restyling.

Suzuki Jimny

In Suzuki models, corrosion problems are limited to the undercarriage such as the floor, sheet metal joints, suspension beam and brackets. Rust can also be found in the engine compartment, but the body itself is almost not subject to corrosion. It should be noted that the body of Suzuki cars is almost not subject to rust. This problem is typical for both the Jimny model and some other models.

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