How to properly wash your car in winter

How to properly wash your car in winter

Caring for a vehicle is a very important process, and each driver sets his own standards for the cleanliness of his car. The question of the need to wash a car in winter causes a lot of controversy and disagreement. There are two opposing points of view: some believe that in winter a car hardly needs washing, while others believe that in winter there is even more dirt than in summer, and regular washing is necessary. Let's consider both arguments and try to understand this issue.

Adherents of winter car washing offer several arguments in its favor. In modern urban conditions, pure white snow has long been no longer associated with winter frosts. Instead, we are faced with slush and dirt on the roads caused by the use of chemicals. Thus, by keeping the car clean in winter, we can:

  • Enjoy driving a clean car at any time of the year. Car care and a feeling of freshness are always pleasant for both the driver and passengers.
  • Avoid accidental touching of dirty body and pack on clothes.
  • Regularly clean your car of salt and other chemicals used on winter roads. These substances can remain on the body along with dirt and lead to corrosion.

The argument about corrosion protection will probably be the most powerful. Salty mud and road chemicals such as salt are highly aggressive to metal. They can cause corrosion of metal parts and have a negative impact on the rubber and paintwork of the car body. Brown spots and rust may gradually appear on the surface of the car. Therefore, regular car washing in winter eliminates this caustic salty dirt and prevents corrosion.

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There are several arguments against winter car washing. At sub-zero temperatures after washing, doors and locks may freeze. There is also a risk of cracks in the plastic and rubber parts of the car. When washing under conditions of temperature changes, the paintwork can be damaged. Therefore, it is better to carry out winter washing in closed and heated rooms.

If there is a need for winter car washing, you should follow some recommendations:

  • Use special products, such as active foam, to more effectively remove chemical dirt.
  • Wash thoroughly not only the body, but also other vulnerable areas, such as arches, sills and the bottom.
  • Avoid washing the car in open areas at very low temperatures. If the temperature drops below -10 degrees Celsius, it is better to wait until it warms up. It is advisable to carry out washing in closed and heated rooms.
  • Use warm water for washing to avoid freezing.
  • Dry the car completely after washing, treat the body and rubber seals with wax or special protective agents.

If it is not possible to use a garage or a warm room, you can use a dry car wash, but keep in mind that it will not cope with deep dirt. If there is one, it is better to turn to professionals to get high-quality washing and additional procedures.

To sum it up, we can summarize that there are huge benefits to keeping your car clean in winter, such as preventing corrosion and creating a pleasant impression. But it is worth understanding that it is necessary to wash with caution and follow the recommendations in order to avoid possible problems associated with low temperatures.

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