What to do with a car after an accident

What to do with a car after an accident

Many drivers face difficulties when selling a car that was damaged as a result of a road traffic accident (RTA). Road accidents have become commonplace and often lead to serious costs for towing and subsequent car repairs. In rare cases, it happens that the vehicle turns out to be beyond repair, or the owner does not want to carry out repairs for various reasons. When the car becomes unsuitable for restoration and the owner decides sell a car after an accident, the task of selling a damaged vehicle, especially for a significant amount, becomes difficult. In most cases, damaged cars fall into the hands of owners of dismantling shops, who are actively engaged in buying similar vehicles and offer buying a car after an accident for small amounts. In this case, naturally , there is no question about any service, and you will have to organize the delivery of the car yourself, and then spend a significant amount of time re-issuing the relevant documents. However, there is an alternative to this scenario.

The company Shelby is ready to offer you favorable conditions for the purchase of your vehicle, ensuring a fast and efficient transaction process. In the event accident, our team is ready to support you, without leaving you alone with your problem. We will come to your location at any time to provide the assistance you need. After submitting a request by phone or through an online form on our website, we will offer you the option of an experienced expert who will arrive directly at the scene of the accident . After our expert arrives on site, he will conduct a comprehensive examination, as a result of which the real value of your vehicle will be determined. If you agree with the proposed conditions at buy car after an accident, we will provide you with a free tow truck service, after which the settlement stage will follow. Then we will begin the procedure for re-registration of documents, providing you with full support at every stage. The entire process of selling a car, including free towing, calculations and re-registration of documents, will take only a few hours of your time. It is important to note that the entire process is carried out confidentially, transparently, legally and without the involvement of third parties, providing you with maximum comfort and security in the transaction. 

The Shelby Company has almost twenty years of experience in the vehicle repurchase sector, which confirms its long-term and successful presence in the market. Our company specializes in buying used cars after road traffic accidents and offers favorable conditions for you, providing the maximum possible amount for your vehicle.

We guarantee:

  • Maximum purchase price. We provide you with the most favorable conditions, offering the maximum possible amount for your car.
  • Free evacuation. We provide the service of free evacuation of your vehicle if it is purchased.
  • Confidentiality and legality. The entire process is legal and confidential, giving you peace of mind and security in the transaction.
  • Efficiency and transparency. The entire repurchase process, including calculations and re-issuance of documents, is carried out efficiently, transparently and without unnecessary complications.
  • Long-term experience: Our company has more than twenty years of experience in the field of auto redemption, which guarantees high professionalism and reliability.

In a world where every moment is precious, Shelby becomes your reliable partner in solving difficult situations. Our mission is to make your car ownership journey easier, even during difficult times. With a deep understanding of your need for a quick and profitable solution to the problem of repurchase of damaged cars, we guarantee that the entire process from start to finish will embody professionalism, care and integrity. Trust us and we will do everything possible to make your vehicle repurchase experience not only stress-free, but also an enjoyable step towards a new beginning.

Remember: Car registration through the Diya application has become available