Why can old cars become expensive cargo after an accident

Why can old cars become expensive cargo after an accident

An old car can ruin its owner after an accident more than a modern one. Especially if we are talking about car owners in Kyiv. Few people know that buying a car can be a more profitable solution in case of an accident. Indeed, in the event of an accident, the old iron horse will give a lot of unpleasant surprises. And repairs will cost more than a new car.

Unfortunately, accidents happen to every motorist, especially in a metropolis such as Kyiv. Either you drove into someone's bumper or they hit you. Let's skip the formalities when registering an accident and consider the current side of the issue, that is, how to restore a car or make a decision on car redemption.

Repair issues: old versus new cars

It seems that a new car is more expensive to repair. After all, this will have to be done at a dealer who uses branded spare parts, and body repair services here are much higher than those offered by unofficial car repair shops. In fact, everything is not so simple.

A used car can be much more expensive to repair, especially taking into account the market situation in Kyiv. The fact is that even if he never had an accident in his life, no one canceled the factor of metal fatigue. Let's add here the possible corrosion of hidden cavities and welds. In the end, it turns out that even with a minor accident, the damage will be much more serious. A fresh car will withstand the impact, but an old car will move badly.

As a result, the door, trunk, or even worse may jam. the geometry will be broken. Such repairs will require serious financial costs. And if rust gets involved, you will have to additionally clean the body of it, straighten it and fix it. You may also need to replace doors that have been crushed due to body deformation.

Unobvious problems of old cars after an accident

On many used cars you can often find the so-called front strut brace. This solution comes from sports, where it is used to improve handling. Fashionable hardware really makes the body more rigid, and it makes driving more accurate. But when you hit, say, the left wheel, the right strut simply tears. That is, the cost of repairs is multiplied by two. In new cars such solutions are extremely rare, because they need to be certified. This means that in the event of an impact, the owner will only pay for the restoration of the left side.

And the weakening of the power elements leads to damage to the cooling radiators and air conditioning, and the intercooler is destroyed. The power design of the new machines reduces this risk to a minimum.

When an accident occurs in used cars, components that should not suffer at all suffer. For example, a used car's exhaust system may fail. The bellows will burst and the rust-damaged fasteners will fall off. That is, the pipe will end up on the asphalt. In principle, this will not happen with a new car, because the fasteners are in order.

Why can auto buyback be a profitable solution?

Perhaps, in some cases, in case of an accident, it may be more profitable to contact companies offering buying car after an accident. This not only avoids high repair costs, but also simplifies the process of selling a damaged car. Auto redemption is carried out by specialized companies that offer a reasonable price for the car in its current condition. This is especially true for older cars, which can result in high costs for restoration after an accident.

Advantages of the car buyout service after an accident

Modern auto redemption companies offer a convenient and quick way to solve the problem after an accident. The owner will not have to wait long and deal with the formalities of selling the damaged car, since the company will pick it up immediately after the assessment. This allows you to avoid problems with selling a damaged car and save time and money on repairs.

Thus, in the event of an accident in Kyiv, an old car may turn out to be more expensive for the owner, especially taking into account the factors of metal fatigue, rust and weakened power elements. In such cases, buying a car can be a more profitable solution, allowing you to avoid high repair costs and simplify the process of selling a damaged car.

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