In what situations is it worth activating the air recirculation mode in the car

In what situations is it worth activating the air recirculation mode in the car

Using the air recirculation functionality in the car interior can be both a helper and a destroyer of comfort, it depends on weather conditions. Understanding this feature can be an essential driving skill, as using it incorrectly can result in poor visibility due to foggy windows or stuffy air in the cabin. So, let's understand the intricacies of using air recirculation in a car and find out when this solution will be most useful and when it can cause harm.

The principle of recirculation in a car is very simple: instead of taking air from outside, the function recirculates the air already existing in the cabin. Of course, the car is not completely insulated, so even with recirculation turned on, a certain percentage of air still penetrates from the outside.

It is recommended to turn on recirculation in the following situations:

  • In a polluted area: If you are in an area with poor environmental conditions or near an area with high levels of dust, smoke or odor, activating the recirculation mode will help prevent polluted air from entering the vehicle interior, preventing it from being inhaled by passengers.
  • In bad weather conditions: In heavy rain, snow or hail, the air recirculation mode helps reduce moisture or precipitation from entering the vehicle, which improves cabin comfort.
  • During traffic jams and in urban environments: When the vehicle is traveling at significantly lower speeds, such as in busy streets or traffic jams, activating the recirculation mode reduces the amount of outside air taken in, which helps improve cabin air quality by filtering exhaust emissions. and other contaminants.
  • At high temperatures or low humidity: In hot weather, especially in a parking lot in direct sunlight, activating the recirculation mode helps keep the interior cool or at a pleasant temperature. This is especially useful when the air outside is very hot or dry.
  • During long trips: When you're on the highway or away from populated areas, turning on the recirculation mode helps reduce the entry of dust and dirt from outside, providing cleaner air inside the cabin and improving overall hygiene while on the road.

There are also situations when recirculation should not be turned on:

  • When the outside temperature is above a comfortable level. The air circulation mode may not provide sufficient fresh air into the cabin, which can cause discomfort and increased fatigue for the driver and passengers.
  • When smoking in the cabin. The air circulation mode can increase the smell of tobacco and fix it in the cabin, which can cause discomfort for non-smoking passengers.
  • If the air quality outside is poor. If there are high levels of air pollution outside, activating the circulation mode may lead to the accumulation of these harmful substances in the vehicle interior.
  • If you need to quickly remove glass fogging. The air circulation mode can slow down the flow of fresh air onto the windows and make it difficult to remove fog. In such cases, it is recommended to use the outside air mode and turn on the windshield wipers and air conditioner.
  • During a long trip on the highway. During a long trip on the highway, activating the circulation mode can lead to fatigue of the driver and passengers due to insufficient supply of fresh air and low oxygen content in the cabin. It is better to use the external air supply mode.

Turning on the air recirculation mode together with the air conditioner can quickly cool the car if it has already been pre-ventilated after long inactivity sun.

It is important to remember that turning on the air recirculation mode should be used in moderation and remember to switch to the external ventilation mode at regular intervals to prevent the accumulation of moisture and maintain fresh air in the cabin.

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