What you need to know about preparing your car for winter

What you need to know about preparing your car for winter

In winter, the main emphasis is always on preparing the car for adverse weather conditions. However, in addition to changing the tires, there are a number of other important measures that should be taken.

One of these measures is pouring winter glass washer in advance. Common summer fluid can freeze in low temperatures, creating a hazard for the driver and impairing visibility. Therefore, it’s worth filling the tank with winter washer now, which has anti-freezing properties. It is recommended to choose alcohol-based concentrates that can withstand temperatures from -20 to -80 degrees Celsius. This washer can be diluted with distilled water to achieve the desired concentration. You can also mix it with the remains of the summer liquid, if there is any left in the tank of the washer.

To keep the windows clean and remove ice, it is useful to have a glass defroster in your car. This is a special liquid that needs to be sprayed onto foggy or icy glass to quickly and safely clean it. The glass defroster contains special components that help dissolve ice and remove it easily without damaging the glass or wipers.

It is also important to pay attention to freezing of door and trunk seals. During the winter months, dampness and cold can cause them to freeze. To avoid this, it is recommended to use silicone lubricant. It prevents rubber seals from sticking to the car body and also prevents ice and snow from forming on them. It is recommended to apply silicone grease to the rubber surfaces of doors, windows, trunk and hood seals.

Another important point in winter preparation of a car is checking the antifreeze level. The components of a vehicle's cooling system experience the greatest temperature changes in winter, so it is necessary to regularly monitor the antifreeze level and replace it if necessary. Using high-quality antifreeze with anti-corrosion additives will help extend the life of the cooling system and prevent possible breakdowns.

It is important for owners of diesel cars to be aware of problems associated with fuel freezing in the system. If the fuel lines and filter freeze, they may become obstructed, causing engine failure. To prevent this, you can use a diesel antigel additive. This product prevents the formation of paraffin crystals at low temperatures and prevents clogging of the fuel supply system.

In addition to the above measures, there are other important steps to prepare your car for winter. For example, you need to make sure that battery is fully charged and in good condition. In winter, due to the cold, the battery requires more energy to start the engine, so it is important to ensure that it is prepared for such loads. If the battery is old or weak, it is recommended to replace it with a new one.

You should also check the operation of the heated seats, mirrors and air conditioner. This is especially important for the driver and passengers so that they can warm up quickly and efficiently. If these systems do not function properly, repairs or replacement of the faulty components must be made.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the lighting of the car. In winter, the days are short and visibility on the road is reduced, so you need to make sure that all headlights and floodlights are working properly. Check the condition of the lamps regularly and replace them if necessary.

Don't forget to check your car's brake system. Roads can be slippery in winter, so it's important to have reliable and effective brakes. Check the thickness of the brake pads and the condition of the brake discs. Replace worn parts if necessary.

It is also recommended to conduct a full check of all fluids in the car, including engine oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, etc. d. Make sure all fluids are at the correct levels and that they follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Important! Be attentive and careful on the road. Maintain a safe speed, increase your distance from the vehicle in front, drive carefully, and react appropriately to road conditions.

By following all these measures and recommendations, you will ensure a safe and comfortable ride in the winter. Remember that preliminary preparation of your car for winter is the key to your safety and trouble-free operation of the car in harsh weather conditions.

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