The Rada proposes to enter information about the mileage of a car into the register

The Rada proposes to enter information about the mileage of a car into the register

In Ukraine, the problem of car mileage fraud has become very widespread. Many car owners change the odometer reading, trying to reduce its value and thus make the car more attractive to potential buyers or reduce the cost of customs duties and taxes.

To combat this problem, bill No. 10173 was registered in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which proposes two main provisions. Firstly, it is proposed to enshrine in legislation the mandatory recording of vehicle mileage during their registration and re-registration. This means that every time sale of a car the owner will be required to indicate the odometer readings, and the registry will reflect the history of changes in mileage readings.

Secondly, the bill proposes to provide access to individuals and legal entities to information about the mileage of cars, which was recorded in the registries of foreign countries by the VIN code of the car. This must happen before the car is imported into Ukraine. The proposal aims to provide the ability to check a car's mileage history and detect cases of fraud.

According to many experts, the proposed bill raises a number of questions and shortcomings. Firstly, it does not provide for sanctions for changing mileage. Recording mileage without any consequences will not be an effective measure to prevent fraud. The absence of fines or a ban on re-registration does not encourage car owners to be honest.

Secondly, access to foreign transport registers involves great complexity and additional costs. There are many foreign registries, each of which has its own content and scope. Not all countries record mileage at the state level, which significantly limits access to this information.

The most effective solution to combat mileage fraud may be Bill No. 4039, which was registered in 2020. This bill provides not only for the regular recording of mileage, but also for the introduction of sanctions and fines for rewinding the mileage, interfering with the work or stopping the odometer. It also includes measures to prevent mileage fraud, such as installing "fuse controls" for those trying to replace dashboards and more closely monitoring high-mileage vehicles. This comprehensive offering may be more effective in preventing mileage fraud than simply recording readings and accessing foreign registries.

To more effectively prevent fraud with car mileage in Ukraine, it is necessary to take into account all the problems and take comprehensive measures, including the introduction of sanctions and fines, more careful monitoring and mandatory recording of mileage.

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