Cars with the most spacious trunks

Cars with the most spacious trunks

The ideal car must be chosen taking into account many factors, one of which is a spacious trunk. After all, even the most powerful and safe cars become inconvenient if it is impossible to fit all the necessary things in the trunk. Most people are looking for a car that not only drives great and has a high level of safety, but also has enough space to carry all the necessary things, especially if it's a family. For a family, when buying a car, a spacious trunk becomes one of the main criteria. After all, even the most advanced car with the best engine and advanced technologies will not be comfortable if all the necessary things do not fit into it. Great news, there are cars on the market that perfectly combine a spacious trunk and other advantages, regardless of body type. They provide plenty of luggage space for long trips too.

Surprisingly, such cars are not necessarily SUVs. There are many cars with low ground clearance, but with a spacious trunk and excellent performance that are ideal for families. Modern manufacturers have taken care to find a balance between space and quality of the car, and have made available models with spacious trunks that are great for family trips and long trips.

One of these quite interesting models is Land Rover Discovery. This SUV offers an impressive boot capacity of 922 liters when the rear seats are folded down. And with the seats completely unfolded, you can get a maximum volume of 1997 liters. Thanks to the flat sides, you can conveniently place any things - from groceries to sports equipment. But Land Rover isn't the only one with such a spacious trunk. Skoda Kodiaq offers a competitive volume of 835 liters with the seats folded, and an impressive 2035 liters with the rear seats folded. It is important to note that the Skoda Kodiaq is a more affordable option compared to the Land Rover Discovery.

Another great option for a family is Ford Mondeo. This popular station wagon has a fairly spacious trunk, suitable for various loads in a volume of 755 liters with the seats folded and 1630 liters with them lowered. At the same time, the cost of the Ford Mondeo also remains very acceptable for many car enthusiasts, especially if we consider the secondary market. But if Ford is not suitable, and you prefer a station wagon, then you can pay attention to Mercedes Benz E-Class. With the rear seats up, this car offers boot capacity of 640 liters, and with the seats folded down an impressive 1,820 liters, almost 200 liters more than the Ford. And now a surprise, spacious trunks are not the privilege of station wagons only. In different classes of cars you can find models with the ability to transport large loads. For example, Citroen Grand C4 Spacetourer offers a capacity of 632 liters with the seats folded and up to 2181 liters with them fully folded. This French car competes even with MPV models from the 1990s, which are known for their huge trunks.

As you already understood from the article, if a spacious trunk is important to you and you prefer quiet trips in a family car, then you don’t necessarily have to choose SUVs. Modern car models offer a variety of options with spacious trunks that can satisfy any need. Choose a car that suits your preferences and priorities and enjoy a comfortable trip with all the luggage you need. But we, the Shelby company, will buy an old car from you for a very good sum

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