The BMW driver rammed a fence while hiding from the police

The BMW driver rammed a fence while hiding from the police

At night in Kyiv, a BMW driver tried to escape from the police; his escape led to him colliding with a fence and being detained. During the check, signs of alcohol intoxication were revealed in the driver. For his actions, the man was fined more than 62 thousand hryvnia.

The incident occurred on the night of October 29 in the Darnitsky district of Kyiv. Police spotted the car BMW, which was moving down the street during curfew. In accordance with the law, law enforcement officers demanded to stop, but the driver ignored their demands and accelerated.

In an attempt to escape from the police, the driver lost control and crashed into a fence. Despite this, he again tried to hide from the police, but was detained and stopped by patrolmen. During their conversation with the 20-year-old driver, police found signs of alcohol intoxication, but he refused to undergo examination. In addition, it was established that the man did not have the right to drive a vehicle.

Administrative protocols were drawn up against the violator for driving a vehicle while intoxicated (a fine of 17 thousand hryvnia), for committing Road accident (fine 850 hryvnia), for driving a car without appropriate documents (fine 40.8 thousand hryvnia) and for leaving the scene of an accident (fine 3.4 thousand hryvnia). The total amount of fines imposed exceeds 62 thousand hryvnia.

Such driver behavior is a gross violation of the law and speaks of the irresponsibility and danger of his actions. Alcohol intoxication will always be a serious reason for revoking your driving license and being a danger to other road users. The police continue to combat such violators and ensure public safety on the roads.

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Reminder: The Rada proposes to enter information about the mileage of a car into the register