How to get rid of scratches on car glass

How to get rid of scratches on car glass

Over time, various scratches may appear on the glass of a car, especially on the windshield. You can remove them yourself without contacting a car service. Depending on the depth of the damage, there are several ways to deal with scratches.

Why do scratches appear

Scratches on glass can appear for several reasons:

  • Atmospheric precipitation such as hail, snow, heavy rain, dust with particles of dirt and sand.
  • Using a hard or rough cloth to clean the glass.
  • Ingress of aggressive and abrasive substances onto glass.
  • Mechanical damage from flying stones, branches, etc.
  • Using wipers on dry, dirty glass.

What types of scratches are there

Scratches on glass can be divided into several types:

  • Superficial scratches are damage that affects only the top layer of glass. They are easily removed using special tools.
  • Medium depth scratches - these damages affect a deeper layer of glass. They require more careful intervention to remove.
  • Deep scratches are serious damage that penetrates deep into the glass. Removing them can be difficult and requires special equipment and skills.

What methods of removing scratches exist

There are two main methods for removing scratches on car glass: manual grinding and polishing using special tools.

Hand sanding - this method is only suitable for removing surface scratches. To do this, you will need wipes and a product such as WD-40. This method is often used to polish headlights, but can also be used to remove minor damage to glass.

The algorithm of actions is quite simple: apply WD-40 to the washed glass, wipe it with a soft cloth and let the glass dry. After this, you will see that micro scratches have become less noticeable or have completely disappeared. WD-40 not only polishes, but also protects the glass, making it more shiny and protecting it from dirt.

Polishing with tools - this method is suitable for medium to deep scratches that cannot be removed by hand alone.

To remove medium-deep scratches, you will need an electric drill, polishing paste and polishing kits (polishing wheels of different hardness, felt wheels, mounting disc, disc adapter and electric drill).

Basic recommendations

  • Wash the damaged glass thoroughly.
  • Take a drill, adapter and sanding paper. Use a coarse grit wheel (for example, P150), then gradually move on to softer ones (P1000, P2000, P3000). Sand and polish the damaged area until the scratches are completely removed.
  • Treat not only the scratch itself, but also the area around it a little to avoid a protruding dent.
  • Apply polishing paste to the treated surface. You can use a spray with polish.
  • After this, rub the glass with felt circles.
  • After all manipulations, wash the glass again and let it dry.

Removing deep scratches can be more difficult, but is also possible. In this case, you will need an orbital polisher, diamond grinding discs, cerium oxide powder, GOI paste and a wax or paraffin candle.

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Action algorithm

  • Use an orbital polisher and diamond discs of varying hardness (from coarse to fine) to polish the scratch using a speed of 1400 rpm.
  • Continue sanding until the scratches are completely gone and a matte effect appears.
  • Then polish the surface using cerium oxide mixed with water. Apply the mixture to the treated area and polish using felt pads.
  • After this, use GOI paste mixed with wax or paraffin, apply to the treated surface and continue polishing using felt discs.
  • After all procedures, wash the glass again and let it dry.

Important tips when removing scratches:

  • Work quickly with the polisher, using careful pressure to avoid damaging the glass.
  • Do not stay on one area for too long to avoid bulging the glass.
  • Wet the glass with water, as it can become hot from friction.
  • Process and wash the glass carefully, follow the correct sequence of actions.

If you are not confident in your skills or are afraid of damaging the glass, it is better to contact specialists at a car service center who will help remove scratches from your car glass.

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