Three effective ways to heat your car in winter

Three effective ways to heat your car in winter

During the cold season, many drivers are faced with the problem of how to warm up the car after a long night of parking. Owners of cars with heated seats laugh at this problem, but most ordinary drivers do not have this luxury. Many people use various methods to heat their car, but they are not always effective and can even damage the vehicle. So how do you properly and safely heat your car during the colder months? In this article, we will discuss three ways to heat a car and mistakes to avoid.

Using the heater

One of the most popular ways to heat a car is to turn on the heater, but it is very important not to immediately turn it on at maximum power. If you do this, you risk damaging your vehicle. When the engine is still cold, the heater will work at full power, but this will not be useful since the air passing through the radiator will not have time to warm up at a low engine temperature. It is best to set the heater to low or medium power and turn it on after the engine has warmed up to 50 degrees Celsius. If you have a climate control system installed, you can use the "Auto" function, which will automatically warm up the car interior according to a specified program.

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Air recirculation

Despite the cold temperature outside, the inside of the car is a little warmer. When the heater takes in air from the street, it will require more time and energy to properly heat the interior. In this case, it will be more effective to turn on the air recirculation mode so that the heater receives air directly from the car interior. This will speed up the warming up of the car inside and will also save fuel.

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Heat the car while moving

The most effective way to heat your car is to simply start driving. It is best to warm up the car in the parking lot first, but no more than 5 minutes. When you notice that the engine speed has decreased slightly, this means that the engine has already warmed up and you can start driving. It is important to take your time and not overdrive. Driving smoothly for the first few kilometers will help warm up not only the engine, but also the gearbox and other interconnected elements. It is better to drive with engine speed up to 2000 rpm.

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Together with the three methods discussed, there are other important points that should be taken into account when heating a car. Firstly, do not forget about the correct oil and coolant levels in the engine. Check them before driving to make sure everything is in order. Secondly, it is not recommended to warm up the car for a long time while idling. This only wastes fuel and does not give the desired effect in warming up. It is better to start driving immediately so that the engine starts working at full power and warms up faster. Also, don't forget about safety. Roads can be slippery on cold days, so be aware of icy and icy areas. It is also recommended to clear the windows of ice and snow before driving to ensure good visibility.

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Heating your car during the colder months can be a challenge, but with the right techniques you can handle the task without damaging your vehicle. Use your heater wisely, set it to recirculate air, and prefer smooth movement. Remember that proper heating will help preserve your car and extend its life.